Saturday, 6 April 2013

Lazy Day in Hopkins

Wanting to go snorkeling we couldn’t as the wind was up and the boat owner didn’t have enough to fill his craft to make it worthwhile unless we wanted to sell Maya to cover the cost ... I don’y think so.

Onto Plan B, with our front tire tread disappearing quickly we jumped onto the net to see what we could find.

Given we had not much to do other than enjoy the nice day we set too and walked along the beach to a point they call the split which is where a local river runs in into the sea, the river has crocs in it so we didn’t swim in there ... just in case.

We checked our emails for tire status with not much luck, also Wifi here is very hit and miss with gmail taking up to two minutes to load ... at least it works eh.

Meeting up with Lev from ADV and Frances from Germany we enjoyed a coffee and chats which was cool, Frances wanted to go diving so we all went for a walk to find the elusive diving shop, the day was very hot and very sticky so togs was it....for the day. 

That evening was an international gathering of travelers (4) all heading out for tea to discuss travel, life and general chatter etc. 

Great chats, giggles and notes comparisons finished off with coupla drinks. 

Some photos for the day

Ellen relaxing on the beach

Local kids swimming and play

Drumming Centre

Our cabina

Photo from the day before, try to pass the bar 

The boys and girls room

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