Friday, 12 April 2013

Flores Day 1 & 2

Day 1

Arrival from the day before... ... head easy as long as Maya did not die 

At Twomotokiwis electrical engineers headquarters we removed the seat and tilted the headlight mask forward, the hotel dude was into it as well and he didn't even run off half way through, he was a great help .. good man he restored my faith in Guatemalans.

I checked everything I could with very little to see, a few dirty connectors but nothing that would stop her in her tracks, I also cleaned the off/on switch.

After pushing and pulling everything I could we put her back together as we wanted to see a bit of Flores rather than just fix the bike and leave.

We wandered of around the island and into town checking out the markets and all and came back to the island to relax and feed the locals which I did in style as they bit the shit outa me which is unusual.

We were however rewarded well with our first Guatemalan sunset ... luvin it !!!


Couple of drinks with some new neighbours, talked some shit and drunk some drinks.... gotta luv white rum   

Day 2

We set off to make our way to Semuc Chepayne, we made it 6.6 km out of town with Maya coughing and farting so we tuned back to Flores and back to the hotel ... I was not happy.  

Being early in the day I decided to rip her right down tank and all so I removed the seat, tank, headlight mask, speedo, air filter, ECU and all ... I was quite surprised how small she was after removing all the clothing.

On inspection of the PO’s wiring mayhem I discovered a wire hanging out, I could not see they day prior as it was on the opposite side and out of view.


I traced it back to the off/on circuit and manually pushed it in and out to try it and see what is did and bingo that was the fault.

Repairing that we had to put her all back together which was a mission in itself.


Jose was kind enough to knock up some lunch while I was fixing Maya, onya mate really appreciated it.

Heading off this time on a test ride we took her 20 km away to El Rement a swimming place to cool off, on the way back everything went well which was great and I was pretty sick of problems with this bike.

Unfortunately someone decided our orange one way fuel cap on the rear tank was shiny and they wanted it .... and they got it..... petty theif is rampent.

For tea we bought tortillas, some cheese, beef and guacamole and cooked it coupled with some Stollies again.

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