Monday, 22 April 2013

Quetzultenango Semana Uno

Xela Week One

Starting at escuela (school) is a whole new experience after not being there since 20 years young ... now at 46 years young here I am again...don’t think I will get the cane this time tho.

I was introduced to my teacher Dayma, she was very fluent in English to the tune of 0, luckily her Espanol is fantastic.

So with deafening silence we started ...... ummm ....... yeah.... my name is Andi and I am a moto bikeaholic

OK, we did get going after a slow start, luckily with spending 4 months in Mexico and 3 weeks in Cuba I had a basic knowledge so I could pick up the ball and run with it which was our saving grace.

At first I thought it was a complete disaster with her not talking english then when I thought about it I was there to learn Spanish so “sink or swim” here I come, luckily I could swim albeit a little but it was enough to understand her and start making ground.

Me wif my skool book ... just like a mug shot in jail 

And Ellens

With the first day finished I am surprised I got home cos my head was not on my shoulders and thankfully autopilot took me home to a good feed waiting for me. 

To be fair I had mixed emotions, one of accomplishment, one of stepping outside my comfort zone, one of total torment and misunderstandings so apparently I had a very successful day.

Another student who had been there for 5 weeks said if you go home feeling you know it all you have stuffed up, these words are very very true. 

Fast forward to Friday to the end of the first week that went faster than my first date with a hot chick I feel in my mind that I have actually achieved a huge amount, not knowing it all and coming home every day with a saw head and having to focus hard to answer simple questions I know I am going forward.

Ellens teacher Kartie

Action shot with my teacher Dayma

There is also the aspect that we are living with our Guatemalan host family who speak 100% Spanish only so the Kiwis have been teaching them Chanish and Spinglish (known as Spanish to the educated people) coupled with smiles and larfs which go a long way. 

All in all a very successful week so obviously I have no clue what is going on.

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