Monday, 22 April 2013

El Chol To Antigua

Ok, pologies for the late update ladies and gent, Wifi VERY sporadic here is Xela so I am doing a Cafe hop to find the best Wifi to meet your needs  

Ok, El Chol To Antigua

First things first we had to get Maya out of the market that had set up earlier in the morning, luckily it wasn’t tight and they all thought it was pretty funny. 

The road started out as dirt and we had sporadic tar seal of race track quality here and there mainly in towns then back to dirt and with the occasional bordred bridge thrown in.

The entire road was being revamped with heaps of work being done, the entire side of a main town street blocked of with concrete formwork, concrete trucks, workers, screeds etc so they were paving a huge section of the road.

There were newly constructed bridges and detours everywhere which made for interesting riding, this didn’t stop us from getting lost and having a grande tour of a small town through streets no wider than a small car.... it was great fun. 

At one stage we were stopped completely by a big digger hacking up the road and were mobbed by little bikes....when the truck left and the road cleared it was like a MotoGp start with bikes fizzing off everywhere trying to get out front ... it was hilarious to watch so we calmly took off giving them all the lead until they reached top speed then we blazed on by like they were standing still ... the look on their faces was funny.

That is Valentino getting the right line out on the right 

Carrying on down the hill the road was that of a freshly laid supermoto circuit and beautifully finished.

Arriving in Antigua we set too trying to find economic accommodation but first I went and found Taz @ Moto Mundo which I did, for those wanting to find him easily the GPS coords are in the above post.

Taz is a great guy and seriously helpful, he took us to a hotel that was reasonably priced and had solid Wifi.

We could not park Maya in there so Taz said no prob leave it at his shop .... easy.

We got settled in and had a walk around town splashing out of a MEGA frappe, it was beautiful. 

Tea that night was spent with Dan and Elaine some travellers we had met at Utopia lodge in Semuc Champey... they trustingly lent us $100 Q as we had left our money behind, the restaurant is called Por Que No and the food was excellent. 

The climbing rope to get into the loft

REAL food

Next morning I went back to Tazs workshop to spoon off the stuffed MT21 and spoon on a shiny new one. 

Also on my list to do was place a fine mesh in front of the radiator to stop fine mud clogging the radiator fins, Kiwi fix will do .

That evening we meet up with Dan and Elaine, Dave and Jana at their hostel for happy hour drinks and a Dave Burger, good times, good chats.

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