Saturday, 6 April 2013

Crooked Tree To Punta Gorda.

Setting off from Crooked Tree we were going to go only as far as Hopkins, we had a game change and went via Belize City which was cool but didn’t really hold a lot for what we wanted to do so we decided to stick with the plan to go to Hopkins ... then ... like a woman we changed our minds again as it was only lunch time so we changed the game plan to Punta Gorda.

Punta Gorda is right at the bottom and is the last part of the main paved road, we were tossing up whether to go down there as the Northern Highway from Chetumal to Belize City just scoffed our front tyre turning it from a knobbly to a road tire in 150 km.

I looked down at the front a few times during the ride and Ellen says what is wrong?, I couldn’t figure it out ... turns out I could feel the very coarse road just eating the rubber and destroying the tire so that coupled with the heat it dissolved our front tire pretty quickly.

On the way we were stopped at a Police check point for the first time ever on our trip (our trip IN TOTAL that is), they wanted our insurance, TVIP and spraying documents which we had all of, they were very friendly and very professional, seeing our papers in order they were more interested in our trip than anything so we had good chats and giggles.

Reaching Punta Gorda I took the front tire off and rotated it to extend what little life we had in it, turned out to be a good move also coupled with the road chip improving 100 % being way less aggressive we might even make it to Antigua where we had already organised a new tire ... lets hope it makes it there. 

Punta Gorda was a nice ride but the destination was not quite as we envisaged so we opted to stay just the one night but we did go for a nice walk around town and talked to the locals, great bunch of people they were and very welcoming. 

The only restaurant there we decided to eat out and we would have to say the food was very good and reasonably priced. 

St Charlies is where we stayed, Charlie the owner is a great guy and at 79 years old is a real live wire and has great stories to listen too so the stay there was cool.

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