Monday, 22 April 2013

Antigua To Xela

An uneventful ride once we got out of Antigua, we had a local who decide he wanted to fit in where we were behind a truck and he literally pushed us out of the way, I tooted our spastic horn then blew passed him leaving him stuck behind the trucks in a cloud of diesel.  CC beats arrogance! 

We did have a wee moment on a corner when we hit heavy rain with a greasy patch and coupled with our shiny new rubber was a bad combo, only 1 km down the road a car had lost it and tried to jump the centre island too..... the island won BIG time 

The road was absolutely mint condition and winding around hills and valleys so a nice ride

The road just before Xela took us up to 3031 meters or 9944 ft for you imperialist, this of course took us well into the fog zone and thus cold, at one stage we slowed right down to about 30 km/hr as we could not see a thing.


Xela was nice and cool on arrival... 20 degrees!!!!! .... cool .... listen to me I must be getting acclimatized and I have to admit during the rain it dropped down to 13 degrees so I turned on the heated grips as I was wearing my summer gloves.... gettin soft. 

We found our escuela (school) and found out where our host family is, they have courtyard so Maya is safe which is essential.

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