Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Canyoning Down The Canon De Somoto

So after an unusually easy double border day and entering Nicaragua at 2.08pm we found the canyon guide Bayardo Soliano who is an amigo of Mario from El Salvador.

Although he was out his good lady phoned him up and he was back in a flash.

After a quick discussion we established he has accommodation on site, can feed and water us and provide breakfast, perfect we didn’t even need to ride to the next town as they have everything in hand, it couldn’t get any better.....or could it?

The park

So off with the bikey gear and into canyoning lite weight stuff and we were off.

A 30 minute walk into the canyon, along the way Bayardo showing us the river that splits one way into Honduras and the other way into Nicaragua.

The first view of where we were heading too...

Down to the waters edge, on with the life jackets, out with the camera and a quick brush of the hair we took the plunge. 

There was an assortment of rapids, smooth sections, rocks that were high enough to hit yer bum (sorry Mike ..but is wasn’t damaged) and torrents that would send you straight into rock faces as well as a coupla jumps from heights into ponds below. 

Decent wee waterfalls

Smooth patches to relax

ADV salute just for you guys, this is commitment taking time out to remember you guys in times of hardship 

The canyon is 200 metres vertical in places with huge rock faces looking back down at you.

The boss (well most of him) diving into one of the ponds from the rocks above

The whole trip was about 3.50 hour return back to home, on returning home they served up coffee and a great feed.

This food produced in their basic kitchen, these guys are fantastic cooks ... forget masterchef these are the real deal !!!

Even time for a quick smile before two hungry kiwis dived in.. 

After tea I uploaded the photos to the lappy and the whole tribe sat around and checked out the afternoons shenanigans with Bayardo and the two foreigners, it was great fun. 

We packed it in not too late after having been in three countries on the day and done the canyoning, couldn’t fit much more in!!!

The following morning was a hearty breakfast that set us up for the day which was to travel to Leon and Bayardo said my parque impossible handle was inadequate and made me a new one, this dude is a machine.

From this

To this

Finally leaving from Bayardos house we set off to Leon.

Bit of a corny picture 

So for any fello travellers wanting to do this go for it you will love it, here are the GPS Coords to their front door

These are his contact details.

Finally a short vid going down one section, I hope you have enjoyed reading cos we seriously enjoyed the afternoon out and writing about it.

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