Monday, 15 July 2013

The Day After The Hot Dogs

Post Hot Dog day was a ride to Matapan and along the new supermoto race track return, at Matapan we pulled into the Pollo Compero for a coffee and # ones, the coffee to be fair was good and we sat in air conditioning which was luxury, upon going to leave we went to pay and the waitress said gratis, seems they thought highly of us and our politeness and smiles so the manager gave us coffee .

Thank you Mr.Manager, quite unexpected so a free plug for Pollo Compero in Central America, free Wifi, air con, clean toilets WITH toilet paper (coffee may not always be free tho)  ... sorry

The naked 9 fiddy sun bathing while we coffee up

This is my free coffee look ..... kinda like Terminator forging a (stupid) grin

Free plug for the good guys

Our return leg toward home base was a brand new road beautifully paved and through some neat countryside ... then back towards San Salvador and across to our turn which takes us back up another world class supermoto track/road to the Volcan and home.

I was just waiting for Rossi to pass around the outside

Passing several signs we felt safe as the sign says "no hunting" ..... it didn’t day no hunting travellers but hey 8-) what a great day out.

More terrible roads with outstanding views

Back to Mario hill and down to the cafe to do some ride reports and upload photos...later that night finished off with a few grogs

At the cafe they have a zip line which was cool

The radio and telephone, looking yesteryear but all new, still cool just the same.

That night the lightning Gods put on a real show for us, one of many, the Gods used so much power that Santa Telca went dark for about an hour with a power cut that knocked down the power to the whole town.

Lightning through the clouds, this is around 9.30 pm on a pitch black and very wet night.

Finally the ghosty shot looking through the branches, the light behind the trees is actually the light from the lightning beyond, this shot was at about 11.30 pm pitch black and raining heavily.


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