Monday, 8 July 2013

GC To El Salvador

We FINALLY made it to El Salvador, despite our love for Guatemala having spent a total of 3 months there party for study and travel and partly for my ribs so we had to extend our VISAs and the TVIP for Maya, pretty painless other than some stuffing around and a bit of cash.

From GC we set off just after 6.30 am, the traffic was building up real quick, we did get stuck in a small traffic jam but we split lanes and sifted our way through it so only 20 minutes of sitting in traffic and we were starting to roll.

Getting out of the city and heading towards the border was pretty straight forward, no dramas really and the only thing that amused me was a chicken bus within in internal flat on the dual wheel set on the back axle, I don’t know if he knew or not but the tire was rolling around like a pig in mud.

Quick rest stop to spend the last Q's on coffee etc.

The road was absolutely mint condition

We made it to the border in good time, approaching the border we rode past what would be 2 km easy of trucks lined up as far as you could see, we snuck around the outside right up to the front and the border guard nicely pointed us in the right direction. 

Our last point in Guatemala

Clocking out was a 5 minute affair that took 40 minutes from Guatemala then on to El Salvador which took about 2 hours as their computers were out to lunch, no biggy we were clocked in (no stamp though as were are in the C4 zone which is Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua which have an open border agreement for up to 90 days for tourists/travellers) but Maya had to get a new TVIP.

Our destination before the rain set in was Parque El Imposible (Impossible Park), it got its name due to the near impossible route from over the top were they bought the coffee from inland to the sea and it had taken many lives and been very difficult to cross.

We had recommendations of cabins right by the park entrance however less than 1 km back down the road in Hostel Imposible which is where we ended up at, a very nice place and the price we negotiated a better deal for three nights as it is the off season, add to that we agreed to eat there as well so they get it back through feeding us, all in all a great place and highly recommended.

As I am writing this we have a massive downpour, so loud on the roof I almost can’t hear Ellen speak ... there is a God  ... as luck would have it it is 6.26 pm and we have to walk up the path for our tea at 6.30 pm ... we got wet. 

Tea was nice with bar b q beef then we settled in for a good old fashioned sifi movie ...... which I enjoy but Ellen fell asleep, lights out at 9.45 pm in preparation for our 9 km stomp around Parque Imposible the next day.

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