Monday, 1 July 2013

Antigua .... For The Last Time ... Unfortunately

Things finally happening again WOH HOH  

Good afternoon all

With our stay in Antigua nearly to an end we are now counting the days down.

We have enjoyed our stay with raint season throwing in daily spices of super heavy rain, thunder and lightning  ... here is Maya sheltered from the shower

Trying to take advantage of having to be stuck in one place we decided to take spanish Iessons.... to be fair I have had a bad run with teachers having been stood up 4 times now. 

The first had to go to hospital so couldn’t teach me anymore so I missed that lesson, the second was on deck for three days then her son was crook so she couldn’t turn up (thats ok) and I missed that lesson so she organised to come the Saturday morning and didn’t turn up for that one either for no reason (thats not ok) FFS.

Finally I get another teacher who could come until she couldn’t cos she went to hospital so I missed that lesson too (thats ok ...but)

Here we are at the end of our time in Antigua and I am owed two lessons (picked one up on a Saturday) so I am loosing interest pretty quickly trying to make the most of it here as far as Spanish goes, don’t want to sound like a whiner but FFS this has turned out to be a highlight for me which is great cos it takes my mind off my ribs...but I would not recommend that school to anyone. 

So now that my whinge is out of the way we have had some funs things happen, firstly I wanted to get a photo of the Guatemalans blowing stuff up from the BIG cylinders .....well I got my moneys worth here cos they blew one up right beside Maya in the street outside our casa ..... just as well they did not blow the bike up.... see the dude who lit the fuse is still walking away!!

This was the beginning of a big parade down our street and Maya was parked where they were walking thus created a lot of interest and no one seemed worried she was parked there and in fact seems the lads were more interested in Maya than their parade.

We had a second Sushi Saturday which was a success and all rolls were sold bar one, the owner pulled rank and ate it!! .. why not ..bosses privileges .

While here we have had the pleasure of dining out, way more than we do normally mainly because we have Gene, Neda, Julio and Luisa for company which has been great, also Phil and Jane for a night.

On one of the nights we all went out for Friday night fud and drinks, Ellen ordered us a monster pizza with a flip top thingy and it was outstanding to say the least, I don’t think we had eaten that much cheese since leaving the USA. 

I have to say if you are broken or need time out to relax and recoup Antigua presents a great option, gezz even if you just want a nice place to hang that is not too spendie then it fits the bill nicely.

On one of our walks we came across this young fella, I love Boxers having been loved by my one Tara for 13 years so a quick cuddle on the street was in order ... he was a nice lad!

A view of Antigua from the cross that overlooks the town

Our final night in Antigua was at Julios, Gene and Neda came around, Julio and Luisa had some couch surfers so another great night was had with some superb cooking by Julio, Gene and Neda did pudding duties and we were in charge of the wine.

While there I sat on Genes 1200 .... nice comparo

A motorcycle and two BMW's  

Julios starter .... note Julio had noted my liking for boobies so made a special serving for me 

Thanks for the big sendoff guys it was nice, that was Wednesday and I wasn’t coming back for a ride till Saturday so I missed them dearly. 

The day we left started out beautifully, Ellen had an early walk with the camera, here is Volcan Fuego have a wee spit

The communal washing facilities

The stunning colour and views from in town

We left Antigua just as it started raining and snuck out under cloud cover to beat the rain ... excellent timing, our mission was to make it to GC (Guatemala City) unassisted by ambulance Police or military ... bit of ask but we completed our 37 km journey without upsetting anyone and the only thing we broke was a record of getting there alone. 

Next week we head to El Salvador and our normal life will resume, this I am really looking forward to but in between times we have plans for GC and actually enjoying the city and surroundings.

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Good to hear form you again, all the best for the bodywork repairs,cheers Steve