Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Parque Imposible Day 2

Started our with the same warm up walk to the park, a guide who befriended us (or at least our wallet) and tried to convince us how dangerous the park is and that there are Pumas up there bla bla bla..... yesterday we only saw butterflies.

Being wised up from yesterday and already having left a far bigger donation we said no thanks and went on our merry way much to his disappointment and advice....we lived.

Our walk took us to an outlook first off overlooking the valley we were about to go down into, from there we dropped off down a very steep zig zag for 1.2 km before the track semi levelled out into and undulating scenic tour of beauty .... not to dissimilar to the beauty of Haast pass in New Zealand in places.

The track dropped very quickly

Again bamboo the order of the day

We found so very twisted trees which caught our fascination and this led us down to the river where we enjoyed the whole place to ourselves, Ellen decided it was skinny dip time and I settled for a sit in the sun to take in the peaceful bit of paradise we had been given for the morning.

The weather started to change which meant the mozzies were back out so we took on the accent back to the top which was a grunt to say the least, being hot and humid meant we were both soaked in 5 minutes and the rain would have been a clean welcome but it only spat for 2 minutes and left again.

Approaching the top we came across two locals heading down and they had some scuba gear with them ???? then another group loaded with camera gear so something was happening.

We made it back to the park building HQ without being eaten by a Puma, I would love to have seen one but yet again butterflies were the order of the day other than one fluffy tailed something that darted off into a hole in a tree. 

Two killer butterflies 

The afternoon saw showers to freshen up, clothing washing and some Spanish learning and writing all graced by Papas fritas (french fries) or for the Kiwis readers chips!! and pupusas, tortillas glued together with cheese etc and a coupla cups of beautiful El Salvadorian coffee for lunch.

I must say Parque Imposible and a great tropical forest and Hostal Imposible is a very nice place to veg out for three days with great accommodation, food and hosts. 

The Hostal

The path down to condo TMK 

The small pool at the bottom of the accommodation units

The view from the hostel towards the ocean

There are mango trees everywhere ... they are just falling off the trees and rotting so we had them for breakfast and afternoon tea snacks etc ... just beautiful .... and free.

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