Monday, 8 July 2013

Parque Nacional El Imposible (Pronouned ... Parkee Nasheeionarl El Imposeeblee)

(Impossible Park)

Day 1

Named because of the pass that is near impossible to get through having claimed many lives, this was the route from the highlands bringing coffee down to the lowlands for shipping.

We set off at around 8.30 am with a short 1 km warm up walk, we were both soaked by the time we arrived at the park.

The park entry building is interesting with local animals found there on display

Spooky looking cat

Ant eater

Something else 

Paying our entry fee and getting our park guide because it is dangerous (BS) we payed dearly for him as they had no change so they got a pretty good tip really.

We walked through a combo of bamboo and lush rainforest and in places looking very much like Jurassic Park ..... we didn’t see any dinosaurs tho.


We arrived at the top view point called Leon with a pretty epic view of stunning rainforest and looking across to Pase Imposible

Our guide couldn’t use a camera for love nor money and it was a struggle to get any photos, never mind we have enough of us anyway.

On the way back we caught a coupla butterflies shagging on the side of the track

We did the full loop circuit up to the top and back down via a steep ridge and small creek crossing which provided beautiful surroundings to walk in.

Along the way we found some funny mushrooms with a very ...erotic shape and a net over it, kinda looked like man parts with an exploded condom (so I was told cos I am a virgin) 

Also his family just further down

Back to the track our guide was picking food to take home, some spiky plant that he cooks then eats the inside of.

The day was semi overcast and semi sunny but still very hot and humid, we took 2 litres of water with us and used it up 500 metres before the end of the track so not bad timing on a 9 km climb and decent.

Finishing up there we wondered on back to the hostel for a shower and gear changing session cos we were soaked through from sweat and tomorrow we will do it all again to the mirador (view point) and rio (river).

The afternoon we sat down to do the write up and had beautiful El Salvadorian coffee (actually I have two), the coffee here is simply superb.

During the afternoon we played ping pong with the weather trying to dry our clothes, although very warm it is very humid so it take hours to dry a lite shirt and gruds and they still feel damp when you put them on, this isn’t bad though as it is cooling. 

Not having the internet or telephone brings us back to having time to write and relax a little, it is nice to have communications but it is also very nice not to be owned by it, the other thing is to sit and watch the world go by, it happens a lot here so we just join in.

Sitting here this afternoon with an El Salvadorian coffee (or) two in my hand watching the rain come down then stop and cycle again was really nice, knowing we can just relax and take the place in was excellent.

We were also graced by a local butterfly posing on the window sill for us.

Tea tonight was mushroom spaghetti and pupusas with some fresh water, it was extremely nice .

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