Friday, 12 July 2013

Parque Imposible To El Tunco To San Salvador

Leaving Parque Imposible Mario and Alexandro had decided to come up and meet us at the hostal.

In true style they turn up on two BMW’s, Mario with his daughter Fenanda on their 1200 GSA and Alexandro on a shiny white F800GS .... once again Maya outgunned by the Germans  ... but we were happy to be in great company with local leadership.

Setting off after packing up we followed the lads down the 13.5 km stoney road down then headed left to La Libertad on the seaside.

With Mario up front us in the middle and Alexandro we set a nice pace for us two up with gear, beautiful twisty road .... we were bulldozing the front all the way and I later discovered the front tire was at 24 PSI due to a sticky valve problem.

The rear was also at 28 PSI from doing local rides around Guatemala with Julio (Guaterider) so a quick pump up of front and rear now she feels much better.

We also saw a heap of sports bike going warp factor two in the opposite direction utilizing the beautiful day.

We also did a milage check with the addition of opening up the triangles and adding some kitchen scrubbies as precleaners and this seems to be working very well.

Coffee stop down by the seaside, the coffee was good ... just see the look on my face 

The beach

We bunked down for the night at the surfers retreat and had a walk along the beach, Ellen took a dip while I played coastguard with the gear, we wanted to do some trip reports but the internet to the town and surround was dead .... the linesmen putting up new cable, seems someone had stolen the phone lines .... literally!!!

Sorry Mike and Jantar no nuddy bum shots here 


Eating out at a nice place just down from us the guy kindly lent us a phone to call Mario so we could arrange our meeting the next day and head on up to Mario Hill on the Volcan.

That night we had a 5.8 mag earthquake which even the locals were talking about, our cabin rocked quite a bit as the epicenter was only 30 km away from us.

The following morning and like a dodgy drug deal going down we meet up at a puma service station then play follow the leader, this time Mario was on his KTM690 Enduro .... nice machine.

Up at Mario Hill where his basic cabin is located (and offered to travellers) there is a small climb to get there, one corner is paved as it it off cambered so challenging, the rest of the track is true ADV style dirt and grass and when it rains .... well, lets just say experience goes a long way.

Mario on the 690 making it look easy

Me just after ..."the turn" 

Track was nice and dry

Mario even had time to huss it up and play 

We arrived at the top in one piece, well the place is a wee gem smack bang in the middle of his coffee plantation, quiet, private, secluded, tranquil .... its awful.

The only concessions one makes is no hot water or wifi ... the rest is perfect with a capital P, with its elevation we get a fantastic view of the storms at night with thunder and lightning galore so a treat for us.

More to come.... 

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