Monday, 15 July 2013

Suchitoto Trip

Next day we woke up to a beautiful day after a wild night of lighting and thunder and seriously heavy rain making its mark on the access road up and carving some good ruts in it.... as I discovered on the way down .... no problem to the mighty Mayan!!

We rode across the Volcan and out north and picked up where we left off on the supermoto highway, from there we turned right and down toward to lake to catch the ferry crossing, this is a stunning part of the country and a very enjoyable ride indeed.

Arriving at the docking point at San Francisco Lempa on lake Embalse Cerron Grande we were the only ones there, the price went from $6 to $7 to $10 when the lady told the ferry operator the bike was grande (big) .... at that rate of change it would be cheaper to get a helicopter.

We decided to do it rather than ride back, so we sat down, bought a watermelon and scoffed into it, soon after a car arrives so our price went back down to $6 ... then another car arrives but the base price is $4 for the moto and $1 each person.

Finally the ferry turns up ... all aboard, Maya has a AZ plate on her and one of the guys from one car was from Phoenix and asked which part of AZ we were from 8-) .... I shoulda said Bevans.

So much interest when we said New Zealand and conversations were rolling with one guy very interested in the bike.... it was a nice feeling chatting in English and some Spanish especially learning moto style words you don’t get in class.

The big dude holding the handlebars was fascinated by Maya

Arriving at the docking point at Suchitoto we rode off the ferry and up to Suchitoto township for lunch.

The exit ramp was lumpy, wet, greasy, stoney ... everything we all love 

As above I rode off the ferry and over the greasy rougher stuff solo then waited for my photographer, again beautiful setting.

Lunch stop in Suchitoto, street lunch as the town square was being revamped. 

Very nice older town

The mission from here was to get to Marios workshop to change Mayas oil, we had ordered 15 - 50 Motul fully synthetic fresh blood, this will see us through the rest of Central America and beyond, at nearly 5000km the old oil was black although gear shifting etc was still fine so the Central American heat takes its toll on oil with the bike running hotter in the 35 - 40 degree daytime temps. 

Interestingly the engine is quieter with 20 - 50 GTX dinosaur oil in than the fully synthetic 15 - 50 Motul....even after nearly 5000 km on it!! 

Getting the job done was easy, both screens were pretty clean, both magnets had virtually nothing on them and the main filter was also very clean which is very comforting given her start with us.

I washed the Scotts washable filter and two screens and back in they went followed closely by new blood.

Big thanks to Mario for getting the oil in for us and allowing us some space to do the change, although he has very competent mechanics I still prefer to do it myself so I know it has been done and cleaned well...piece of mind for me.

WOH HOH .. good to go!!

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