Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Leon to Managua

Jurgen sent us down the old road which was very entertaining and great fun, virtually no traffic at all, in the distance it was started turning black, then very black and it started to rain so a quick stop to swing on the wet gear.

Well ... if we only knew what we were in for, as luck would have it we cleared the old road clay section prior the lite rain, entering into Managua all fury was let loose on us as mum nature threw her toys out of the cot.

We got torrential rain like I have never seen in my life before and the road turned into a creek then a river with pressure waves rolling down it.

At one point we were riding down the street/river and the water was over the front exhaust head pipe and coming up the tank, the front of our fuel tank is about 600 mm off the ground so we were in quite a torrent of water, even Ellens boots were under on her passenger problem with overheating!!

This is a road!!!, note we are riding on the left hand side of the double lane as the right hand side would be a lot deeper due to road camber.

Shabby photo but you can see the front of the tank and the front exhaust header pipe under water

Once we had gotten through the shower we arrived at Aarons place (TeeVee on ADV) as he had kindly taken delivery of the pinlock inserts and bought them down for us with with him ... onya dude, really appreciate that!!!

Aaron had organised a hotel for us only a block away from his place, he also had some locals come around for a big bar b q and grogs, some nice steaks, more Rum and yet again good times a true entertainer.

Ellen and Aarons good lady

Sunday morning was the family day out to Laguna Apoyo, we were invited which was very nice, Aaron organised a large Toyota van and we all piled into that with the chilly bins, fud and I say most of a gazebo...which became apparent.

The start of the day was wet ... who woulda thought in rainy season!!!

Arriving at the lake it was raining pretty well, Aaron pulled out the gazebo to find that the cover was back at the house.... FAIL ...Aaron was gutted and took it hard, we said well hell we were not worried and we will go for a 5 minute swim while we were there anyway given the effort to get there.

Down to the lake

Aaron and his good lady

Two hours later we got out of the water and the rain had all but stopped so the bar b q was on again WOH HOH .... sans gazebo ... bonus ... one less thing to pack up!!!

Girls playing to the camera ... great kids!!!

Good fud, good rum, good friends, good times!!!

That evening we were supposed to go to Salcars but with the Nicaraguan festivities we didn’t leave the lake until after dark so by the time we arrived back in town we decided to stay at Aarons rather than ride at night....more rum 

The following day we headed off to Salcars, I had a saw throat so we decided just to relax a little and take it easy.

Arriving at Casa Salvador

We spent two nights there taking in some local sites during the day and and relaxing at night, apparently we rode pretty close to some palace and the military wanted out passports etc as they wanted to know what two strange lookin people were doing riding a large alien......smiles, passports, chats, no worries bro, Kiwis havin fun.

A local lake

Time for a cold coke

Diving off the main drag we found some nice coloured trees

Maya parked with the little fellas

Salavdor runs Nicanotoadv and utilizes Yamahas and and F650, for anyone wanting to ride Nicaragua and there are dozens of reasons why to ride there the Salvador can set you up with a lite weight bike that is perfect for exploring Nicaragua.

Although I love the KTM 950 I would choose a 125 or 250 over it for Central America due to the diverse nature of the terrain, shingle roads and sandy volcanic back roads.

So thank you very much for hosting us Salvador, you have a beautiful home in a cool place.

Reyna, Salvadors mum relaxing outside, very warm and welcoming to say the least.

This is Salvadors contact, he can sort your needs out on Managua no problem or if you are looking for a rental ride he has a heap to choose from.

Next destination was Granada.

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