Wednesday, 31 July 2013


The trip down to Leon was a cooker, an uneventful trip with only a few sights along the way like this local bus

Arriving in Leon it was very hot and very sticky ..... add to that a 950 cc heater under us it was nice to peel off the gear and turn into humans.

A decision was made to have an iced coffee and I was just parking Maya when we bumped into Simon and Julia from New Zealand .... a big surprise.

We organised to catch up with them for tea that night but in between time a cold coffee was in order.

While having the treat of a cold coffee mum nature chimed in and played a huge thunderstorm coupled with the heavy rain etc, quite spectacular really.

The hostel we stayed in that night turned out to be a shite place and not very nice, luckily we had organised to go and stay in Hostel Jurgen (Ride Nicaragua) also Werner and Claudia were also arriving so we had quite the gathering.

The following day Jurgen took us for a local ride, we headed out on normal streets that turned into sandpits, gravel and rocks through some very cool countryside and past local volcans.

Claudia modelling her riot gear 

We ended up at Volcan Momotombo at a funny wee local bar on the edge of lake Managua, cold drinks were the order of the day after the silly photo session on the beach, getting back off the beach was bit of low key entertainment with squiggles and wobbles and some rooster tails thrown in.

At the local bar/tienda there was local music playing at about 140db through less than ideal quality speakers but that didn’t stop the locals getting up and dancing on the sandy floor, low impact natural surface that never wears out ... perfect, Jurgen was hit with the ladies with them wanting their photos taken with him.

Just when we thought the action was dying down the attention focused on the motos for an impromptu photo shoot for a combination of slinky girl photos and some family orientated shots, this time EVERYONE was in on it.

.....I am just the owner ... ignore me ... and she did 

Upon completion of the photo shoot we were given the royal sendoff with big waves and smiles was quite cool actually....and we headed back to reality.

That evening was a nice round of stirfry provided by twomotokiwis followed by some Flores de Cana rum provided by Werner and Claudia ... good times, a half time change sides from the previous nights shenanigans. 

The next morning was a fixit morning with our broken USB charger, we did get it fixed and sorted thanks to a local dude who Jurgen knows, if in Leon and you need something sorted Jurgen is ya man.

We then headed on on our merry way to Managua.

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