Friday, 6 September 2013

Guatape To Medellin

In the morning we talked to the local feds and asked about the riots and road closures, they said the road was open to motos but the stone throwers were still out in force and to be careful, we left and took the back road specifically avoiding the main roads where all the trouble was.

Turns out we rode right into a hot zone which was pretty much everywhere anyway ... literally with burning truck tyres and rubbish everywhere from the riots, we were literally riding through fire pits, some of which were still red hot with burning rubber embers so it was a little unnerving for a while.

Ellen managed to snipe a coupla pics but sticking a camera out in their face as we rode through the middle with Militars and Policia on one side and rioters on the other wasn’t a great idea.

This was common sight Policia everywhere in their own mobs

Km of trucks lined up on the other side of the war zone

Lots of military checkpoints and guards watching on, we were lucky we didn't encounter any stone throwers but the atmosphere was pretty stark in San Antonio.

We arrived safe and sound at Medellin and with a little help got our accommodation sorted only a block away from R2R.

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