Saturday, 14 September 2013

Los Nevados National Park

Max from Oz set off south and we headed for the volcan, this was a high point of our trip as we reached 4120 meters above stress level, unfortunately mum nature was not playing well with us this day and it was raining, misty and very cold, that is the way the cookie crumbles.

Stopping at the park entry it was closed anyway so double whammy no way to see anything today, we turned Maya around while I was sitting on her, suddenly the ground was far from my feet, suddenly Maya made friends with the ground throwing Ellen to the ground and me doing a freestyle version of river dance. 

The top road while misty and raining still provided some cool backdrops and waterfalls

Pea soup

It would seem there are a few waterfalls along here, this is where the township of 25000 people (including the people) got wiped out from the volcano so we are going to explore that later.

We took another road down to Manizale which provided a bit of entertainment.

Next morning we had organised a couchsurf with a local rider, we thought he was on a DR250 and he thought we were on two DR650s, much to his surprise we found Maya and much to our surprise he turned up on a KTM 200 so orange was the flavour of the day, we went for a local ride ...those wee 2 hundys are great in the twisties .

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