Sunday, 1 September 2013


Well, what a nice place to say the least, finally making it there after making funny and entertaining detours we decided to take a break for a day and stay a coupla nights.

The town is small, very quiet and a must for a quite retreat, there is also a new cafe opened up and their coffee and food was very very good, wifi as well.

So we found our place to stay with the help of a teenage girl who was curious about Ellens presence and simply wanted to help, Colombians rock!!! 

Arriving at our accommodation was very easy, didn't have to dodge much traffic

The hotel had a narrow door, time to ping the cases off in order to get Maya in the door, add to that a coupla steps of a 200 - 250 mm high it was a slight trials ride to get in, once at the door we discovered it was narrower than the handlebars!!

No prob just a little stunt riding and we were in, park her up in the lounge ... just like home, she makes a good foot rest 

Wandering around town was very laid back and quiet, lots of small shops very nice people, when you get in behind the doors there is some serious art talent there with some pretty cool stuff, the one that interested me the most being and engineering head was this lion, incredibly beautiful piece of work and made from all sorts, I would love to have the talent to build something like that.

Few pics of details, sorry non-engineering heads.

There was lots of other stuff too

While we were there there was several weddings on so we watched one, Ellen was running around taking photos more than their official photographer.

Lady in red ... pretty but she had a look on her face that was longer than the horse above ... not sure why.

This is what locals do so I thought I would have a crack at it too, overrated I think.

I got a height advantage over him ... not by much tho 

At the new cafe we were in fact their very first customers firstly for coffee then for lunch 

The start of lunch 

A nice coffee

The town is very nice, huge paving slabs on the road

Everything is well kept and tidy, very nice indeed

Lots of restorations going on of older buildings too

Next mission San Gill ...


Unknown said...

Kiwis, espero que ti estadía en mi país sea de tu agrado, les deseo un viaje plasentero y que puedan disfrutar de las rutas y la naturaleza de este mi hermoso pais, algun dia podre hacer lo mismo en tu pais, pues siempre he querido estar alli, se tambien que en tu pais existe uno de los parques naturales mas importantes del mundo y eso me atrae poderosamente, un fuerte abrazo y adelante, cualquier información en la que pueda serles util no duden en escribirme.

Two Moto Kiwis said...

Gracias amigo. Hope one day your dream come true, to enjoy New Zealand.

Ellen and Andi