Sunday, 22 September 2013

Riosucio To Armenia To Salento

Travelling through a few small towns netted some giggles, we pull up beside the local motofeds who where very interested in the Colombian crumpet on a scoota, we momentarily broke their stare with the rumbling orange alien, both of the feds giving us the big thumbs up before returning to their ogle. 

Somehow we managed to take a short cut and find ourselves on top of a mountain top looking down on the clouds and wondering what happened, a quick map check and GPS check and we changed route to compensate for the wrong road, but we got to see another town and some cool backroads  .


Armenia is a big city with about 300000 people so we didn’t get to meet all of them.

Town centro was only 2 km away from our couchsurf so we walked in for tea sampling the local empanadas which were fantastic.

Treating Armenia as a tourist stop after mucking around in the back yard we rode up to Buenavista to a cafe ... which was closed , next stop Cordoba, luckily it was open for lunch ,while there we took a small road up to the lookout but we failed on that too missing our turn and going well beyond and way higher up a skinny little road.

Leaving Armenia our destination was Salento, only 40 minutes up the road, at the servo a dude pulled up in a truck wanting to catch up with us for a local ride, we gave him our details but the ride didn’t eventuate.

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