Monday, 9 September 2013

R2R (Ready 2 Race) KTM of Medellin - Legends!!

A plug for R2R KTM, so often you only hear of people who are unhappy about something and we have been in that boat too, so credit where it is due to R2R, KTM dealerships in New Zealand take note!!!

R2R welcomed us in which was very nice.

We were trying to organise ourselves and get shit together as far as a hotel that we can take our gear to then store the moto when Maya was done, this was proving difficult for moto storage.

Andres the shop manager helped us pointing us in the right direction and also said no problem with storing our panniers and riding gear, also when Maya was finished we could leave her in the shop at night and take her out during the day .... perfect we only needed to get us sorted which we did, we grabbed some shorts, tees and toilet gear and sorted.

R2R set to and gave Maya the wash of her life, when we returned she was so clean I looked straight past her to see where she was!! ... oooops 

Their tech then opened her up and measured all the clearances, the 4 inlets were in spec and the 4 exhausts were all out of spec with to bigger gap so we got 4 new shims.

While the open heart surgery was being done they fitted the flexijets which means we can adjust the primary mixture circuit to help compensate for altitude changes from sea level to 5600 metres or about 18000 ft.

The rear shock had been knocking as well so we had this re oiled and re gased so now it works better and does not knock anymore so that is one more thing off my mind.

They have gear and accessories and a good selection of it

Maya shiny and new at the edge of the workshop

A showroom full of bikes, many V twins including the new 1190 and 1190 R

On top of all of that Andres noted I was wearing a smelly shirt and we were discussing what to wash, he appeared shortly afterward with a R2R KTM tee shirt with a 950 Super Enduro on the front, gratis, my first official piece of KTM bling which I had to travel to South America to get  ... it has now become my best going out shirt.

I also needed some new summer gloves having tortured my Klim gloves to near death, I have already repaired them in Nicaragua but the palm has split open, I looked and looked in town and through the other big moto shops to find the KTM gloves were the strongest through the palm of the hand and the pricing the same or less than other good name brands so I bought the KTM gloves from them too .... second official piece of KTM bling for when the Klims get too stuffed to wear.

To sum up, R2R (Ready 2 Race) KTM in Medellin did a superb job and looked after us very well and certainly going the extra mile service wise looking after our gear etc cos lets face it the local punter doesn’t rock in with a bike covered in Colombia and needing to store house and contents so we can appreciate we are a bigger pain in the arse to start with, also Andres and David both speak English so discussing moto stuff was as simple as it could get with a lack of communication being a non event.

A huge thanks to Andres and David and their team who made us feel very welcomed and sorted Maya out for everything we needed to get done. 

When you need to get something done in Medellin, here are the details.

No excuse not to find them 


Maya finished and ready to ride, down the access ramp and out 

The R2R Team with us

The two guys who made the the whole R2R experience great, from left to right Andres, me (but ya knew that) and David, all in all the service was simply outstanding, Andres is the top dog shop manager and David is the service manager, I can only dream of service like this for New Zealand.

Thanks guys you rock 

Finally the drongo that causes all the trouble with his flash as new shirt and gloves ...flash as Michael Jackson (was) 

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