Monday, 16 September 2013

Manizales To Salamina, Town And Around

With only a short ride of 78 km it was a lazy start, the road in good condition all the way...for a change....and it was actually there which was a pleasant surprise 

Getting sorted with accom we took Maya to the parking spot cos there was nothing at the hotel but hotel and moto park combined was $13 so not too spendie 

Finding the disappearing road day was the mission for the next day, a 168km shingle road blast at around 3000 meters, my riding skills were put to test yet again with were clay, mud and moss.

Poor ol Maya got a beating suffering a smack in the bashplate and ding in the front head pipe, while trying to take some pics I climbed off the right hand side and accidentally took her with me ..... she dropped onto an ill placed rock, nevermind shit happens.


Turns out it wasn't my fault (a good rider always blames his bike ) as the creek was soft, look mum no stand 

950 excavator making easy work of it

We got to within 11km of our road to discover we are correct and it simply does not exist despite being shown on all our maps and GPS.

This was where the road ended ... literally a you drop off the edge so I had a chat with Mary and as you can see by her body language she said quite clearly your maps and GPS are wrong .... woman they just don't understand 

This was typical of the road conditions

Turning back we headed to Marulanda for lunch, only thing we could get is sweet bread so that was it as well as coffee which was excellent then home james to beat the incoming rain storm, well as luck would have it we followed the rain storm for 20 km and riding into San Felix it dumped in front of us leaving us alone and with only wet roads, the storm turned right and we turned left, perfect.

The rest of the road by this time had all but dried so our return was much swifter, our rear tyre with 19750 km on it not holding on that well and suffering some big cuts from sharp rocks.

Next day (we were only gonna stay on night) we decided to have a rest day and catchup on ride reports etc, I also finished our camera mount and the fuel indicator tube on our CJ tank split and spewed fuel so I had to buy a new tube as well, just one of those fixit days.

Some amusement was had with me bein the only whiteyfoo in town some local kids befriended and it was 20 questions .. and some photos

This is what happens when there is white velcro to touch and play with ...

This we found amusing, the Suzuki shop sells furniture ....seems they don't trust their bikes either 

That my friends is what has been happening in motorcycle and travellers heaven.

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Anonymous said...

Love this post! Glad things seem to be going well!

Old Pink Floyd says wish you were here, but I wish I was there!

Ride safely,