Sunday, 1 September 2013

Puerto Berrio To Guatape

After a night of thunder storms and blaring bar music to wee hours we woke up to a nice day, Mayas guards still standing there with their machine guns although they had taken down their road blocks.

Here I am, getting permission to take her away  ... buts its my bike mam .... step away from the moto but its mine ouwh ok 

She was very friendly as they all were, see the fellos face on the small moto, this is a common scene over here.

Thankfully when I took Mayas cover off the guards me a staunch heads up with small smiles so I carried on and unlocked then took her back to the hotel to saddle up.

The river at Puerto Berrio is huge

Leaving Puerto Berrio many small moto riders were turning theirs heads at the lights etc, it still seemed vary alien to them so we suspect this is not a big ADV campover place.

Carrying on down the there were beautiful curves and great riding, we had our turn off marked for our spot which when we arrived did not even exist!!! .... it is on our paper map, google maps and GPS but I can you with authority there is just a massive wall of earth to crash into, no stress we will just carry on and take another turn somewhere as there are other roads shown everywhere, we just wanted to get off the main drag. 

Continuing on we turned off onto a gnarly little back road, down to first and second with large lumps of rocks, one or two even hitting the bashplate on Maya and she is not low slung ...I had reservations at first as we had 50 km to do and that would have been hard work.

So here we are, just as the road started improving, riding from a hard backroad thinking we are hard and doing the bigger challenge ... suddenly we pull up behind a very modern bus thumping away on the road ... WTF this is the sticks ... no this is everyday life in this part of Colombia.

Next up a cattle truck, then a fruit truck .... gezz so much for a back road and going where not man had gone before. 

The road then got better from a one lane lumpy track into almost two lane, still bumpy and potholed but allowed 3 & 4 gear at times and easy passing for the bus and trucks.

Then bang, dirt ends, super moto track starts  in the middle of nowwhere 

We rock into a small town again (insert alien text from above) and people stared at us but only from curiosity, this coupled with whistles and waves was cool.

Through the road we went, following signs and GPS in part, it was beautiful with outstanding views all round, WAY better than the main road (which is a back road anyway) then our reward a seriously cool waterfall in the middle of nowhere on the Santo road.

Making our way onward we rode over a huge slip which had been temporarily / permanent fixed then we popped out onto a super moto road again and rolled on into Guatape. 

The road improved more as we started getting out into more open counrtry

All in all a great balance of offroady based stuff and tarseal road miles, this was another one of those days where there was some WTF and great views rolled into one making for a great days travel. 

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