Sunday, 22 September 2013

Salamina to Riosucio

Being in the middle of nowhere and not having a big day setup we cruzed more backroads and gorges making an easy day of if, we dropped 1800 metres and the temperature difference was huge so we were back to sweating again ...ouwer.

On the way down to the main road a dog jumped out of the bushes on the left and ran across the road and straight into us, in a split second I didn’t even have enough time to the “t” out in shit and we hit it, the dog buffed our front wheel clean on the left hand side before heading under the bashplate and the rear wheel . 

With a full tank on board and us, bike, house and contents I estimate the dog took a hit of 400kg weight coupled with about 40 - 50 km /hr impact, we were so bloody lucky not to get hiffed off Maya.

Turning around to go check it out it was apparent he wasn’t coming back from that, a couple of twitches of the lip and stone dead, by this time a small boy had appeared from the house but he didn’t know we ran it over, given the unfortunate rules here we hit the gas and left making as much ground as we could, only two minutes later a moto cop was coming up the road ... that was close. 

Once back on the main road we were inundated by trucks and buses again and so appreciating why we get off the big black ribbon as they are laced with trucks and buses so you spend half your day overtaking.

Again our maps perfected another Houdini escape maneuver as far as roads go, having our trip set around getting off the main drag the plan was to ride into Supia from the back road .....nup all the maps lied again with Mrs.Garmin telling us to turn off through a rock wall ... we decided against that.

So Roisucio was a stopover night however there is a cool hill to climb and get a great vista of the valley so what is a man to do but make the most of it.

They have their crickets there that are very brightly coloured, here is a couple of them having a chat on a log.

The steep path up to the rocky climb to the lookout point

Riosucio from the top

Ellen had organised a couchsurf in Armenia so that was the destination for the day, another cruzy day other than lots of traffic, also being Sunday it seemed the Sunday drivers were out in mass.

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