Friday, 13 September 2013

Mariquita To Manizales

Leaving Mariquita, after the wee rain shower finished

We opted to take a back road through to Salamina, there was mix of shingle road, mud and very nice tar seal, by one way or another we managed to pick our way through the backroads with the help from locals, our map and mrs.garmin.

Spiffing views coupled with a nice day

A little moto ridden by a future GP rider

The little motos can out corner us but when it comes to KTM country we whistle past, parts of the road got slimmy and wet

Everyone should have a rocket in their front yard , here we are in Colombia back yard with a rocket in the front yard

Three on a bike common around here

We got down to our supposed turn off beside the bridge but no road, not even a walking track, see me riding across.

At the abutment there is meat to be a road

Now our paper maps show a road, google maps show it, osm show it, mrs.garmin shows it so wtf whee is it hmmmm.

No biggy we just changed our plan a little, next turnoff was 30 km down the road so no biggy, tanking up and resting for 10 minutes we carried on to our turnoff ....which did not exist, again the road is shown on everything but the building in the middle of the "road" was gona be hard to ride through being concrete...yeah i know harden up and just do it.

Ok, plan m by this stage, this means Manizales which we were meant to be two days away from so thar didn't work very well.

Stopping at roadworks we talked to a dude in a C63 Mercedes out for a hoon, he was up it leaving darkies past us with the sound of a 6.3 liter v8 with lovely sound system and ripping through the twisties like a hot knife through butter, he told us of a nice place to stay out of town so we decided to head there.

Suddenly the stop go chickie turned her lollipop and he was off hussing it up off the line, nice to se a real car being used well,

Continuing on down the hill we turned off and headed up the valley per instructions, this when we met Max on a DR650, we had almost stopped while having a chat, Max stopped and turned around so we had a good kiwi/ozzie chst on the side of the road, he too was looking for acommodationgiven it was 4.45pm so we all headed back down the valley, Ellen had spotted a place not far away.

We discused the options and it worked out way cheaper for three of us in one room so we did that, with a small restaurant down the road we all scrubbed up and went for a local feed and had a chat about bikes and travel.

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