Thursday, 12 September 2013

Medellin To Rio Claro

Saying goodbyes to R2R team Andres with local knowledge personally escorted us out of town to avoid traffic and no go way north only to come back to where we wanted to be, yet again he made the offer just to be of help ... Andres when are you moving to New Zealand to start a KTM dealership???

Andres on the tastie 1190

The final look, wave goodbye, Andres cracked it open and was gone in a flash  they have more grunt than a paddock full of pigs

Waving goodbye after being kicked out formally we gased up and headed for Rio Claro, a park based on water sports.

The trip was uneventful, no protests or trouble and San Antonio was mostly cleaned up of truck tyres etc.

Arriving at the park we looked for some alternate accommodation as the park was expensive, in the end we stayed at the park, their price included tea that night, breakfast and lunch the following day, still more than what we would normally spend but we were there and the setting is very nice indeed, our room with the towel. 

The room only has three and half walls, not a window to be found in the entire place, we thought we were going to get hammered by mozzies but there are none to our surprise ..... saweet.

That evening we were talking to some people who live in Medellin, I had gone to the bike to get some stuff when a fella came up and started talking with me interested in the orange alien so we chatted about the trip ya do. 

He asked what we thought of the Rio Claro, so I said well it is beautiful and the next day we were going to go swimming and walk to the top.

The conversation progressed to are we doing any of the Zip line, rafting or caving so I openly said we wouldn’t as we had already creamed the next days budget before the next day so we would settle on the walk and swim which is included in our park entry fees.

The conversation took a very unexpected turn, this man was the son of the owner (which I didn’t know till then) and he said, ok in the morning you can do the Canopy tour zip line or rafting, gratis on the house but please tell your friends.

So with that offer we said yes please and wanted to do the zip line .... WOH HOH, love Colombia 

Next morning we woke to a stunning day after a night of very big lighting, deafening thunder and very heavy rain which bought the river up 0.5 meter or more.

On with the gear .... hmmmm what have we let ourselves in for

Teaming up with our fello zipliners we walked up to the top and promptly swung and zipped our way down, the longest line being 300 meters long along the river.

Pack of scared muppets 

Ellen mostly ready ... I am sorry what did you say intendo senor .... vwumpf off she goes

The second line was the longest

Coulda put her hat on straight for the pic instead of hanging on for dear life ... sorry fellas 

Incoming Kiwi

The last line before home and terra ferma 

I am actually saying where is the toilet here 

Ellen mid flight 

Arriving back to base in one piece (which was cool) and smiles a mile wide we were very happy campers.

So now we have told our friends .... ouwh and you guys  

After that we went for our walk and swim, talk about life of luxury on the footpath to freedom

There is a nature flow out of a rock wall so we swam over to investigate, the water flow was strong

The rope ladder

The water was coldish too

She wasn't climbing this very well

From there we continued to the top on the walking track through rock formations and massive limestone overhangs

Safety first  ... what handrail

Cool rock formations, stalactites, stalagmites and a stellawife

Massive spider webs everywhere, really cool coloured spiders in them too

Awesome colours in the limestone rock

All in all we really loved the place and it was worth the expense as the food was outstanding and included in complementary coffee, even though we had a gratis zip line it was still very well worth it.

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