Friday, 13 September 2013

Rio Claro (River clear or in English propa Clear River)

We packed up waved goodbyes and set off for another park only 20 minutes away which is the Parque Tematico Hacienda Napoles which was the home of the biggest baddest drug lord in Colombia and he tried to build the biggest collection of African animals outside of Africa, he was killed in the 80s and now his place is a resort.

The driveway

We rocked up to the gate, the admission fees were a lot, the hotel was alottamoreagain so way over and the extras for parking the moto and extra cost for meals was out there, all in all it was shaping up to be a budget basher of epic proportions so we both agreed that the level of interest compared to the level of cost wasn’t our gig so we carried on.

We decided to google it, it looks like a great place but one thing about RTW travel on a budget is some things do have to go amiss if they are not top of your chart, it becomes a cost/value exercise.

Continuing on we hooked a right and headed to Honda then towards Manizales, well I wanted a photo in Honda just because but with trucks and traffic and keeping my mind on the job we rode straight through and I didn’t even know if ... oh dear.

Rocking into a small town of Mariquita it was later afternoon so we decided to stop there, we found a great hotel with a big courtyard to park Maya in, once settled in we walked into town to find the big footy game on between Colombia and Ecuador and virtually the whole town was wearing yellow tee shirts..they are into it.

We couldn’t believe how many moto shops there are in a small place including the availability of tyre for big bikes.

We had been talking about reshaping our seat so Ellen doesn’t keep sliding forward so I drew some pictures and wrote what we wanted to do, we took Maya in to the shop and had the job done, it cost $20 mil which is about $11 US dollars and works a treat, the only thing that worried me was the seat cushion was very wet so I think the rain is coming in through the stitching.

This is the only pic I have but you get the idea

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