Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Los Santos To Jordan To Barichara

Some days your best intentions get completely undone and you have a great day getting lost and a great time getting unlost ... today was one of those  

It started with having to navigate around heavy roadworks in town down a street that was triangular shape narrowing down to Mayandahalf wide (that is our new measurement) 

Leaving Los Santos we had to back track a little, Mrs Garmin set up a route which may have existed yonks ago but the road from Los Santos down to Jordan was somewhat of a goat track and not suitable for a SE two and gear.

The road into Los Santos is great with epic views of of the surrounding valleys so no biggy, a very enjoyable ride. 

We came across our turn off to Jordon, it wasn’t quite where it was meant to be (should have known better at that point) but we followed it down anyway, spectacular views of massive cliffs with a waterfall which didn’t even reach the ground other that in mist....what a treat.

Spoke to you about it .... 

The road was step and narrow in places, in some case if you fell off the side it would be terminal 

This is the power lines for the valley strung up in the trees

We cherished these concrete sections as they were smooth although only on the steep sections

Most of the road was like this so not too bad

Continuing down to the bottom it was a neat ride and at the bottom we turned right into Jordan ..... there was no-one there other than military police and a coupla stragglers, you could have fired a canon ball through the middle and hit nothing!! 

Just me ..... spooky

This is the bridge at the bottom from Los Santos

There was a very friendly militar there so we had a chat with him, took some photos and carried on our merry way which got narrower and rougher, boggy creek crossings and all the hallmarks of being in the wrong place heading to nowhere....which was correct.

Stopping to ask a local he larfed and said no way through and we needed to go up the road from Jordan ... i.e the one we had just come down on, back through the boggy creeks a rutted roads ..... at least we got to see what it was like the other way. ... it was about 40 degrees too 

We were so close, probably only 6km as the crow flies but snookered by a HUGE gorge ..... 

Back up to the highway which was a pretty damn good race track to be fair, so far the Colombian roads are just a meca for fun and all pretty good nic.

Huge views to be had

Finally we made it to Barichara one day later than planned ... no worries we got to see some other pretty cool stuff.

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