Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Orosi To Somewhere Then Uvita

So the day started early, woken by dogs barking I couldn’t get back to sleep so and early breaky and coffee and some other activities kicked the day into gear.

We said goodbyes at the bakery and headed off.

Plan was to go around lake Cachi, first we had to cross the bridge under repair, we waited for about 10 minutes then crossed and carried on only to be stopped by another lot of roadworks, they said upward of 2 hours wait and we still may not be able to get through.

Riding past welders ,grinder, sandblasting equipment it was all a bit narrow sometimes

We made a decision to backtrack and skip the lake after about another 10 minute wait, so back to the bridge under repair and wait another 10 minutes.

Slalom back through all the gear

So about half an hour riding and half an hour waiting we were back in town an hour later no further ahead.

Carrying on we took the main drag up and out, we needed fuel and today seemed to be l”let fill up our car day” and there were queues for petrol at 5 - 6 stations we passed, finally we found one not too busy, not sure why the other stations were so crowded.

Leaving town we followed two moto cops and they were riding side by side, in, on and over the double yellows and all!!

And on the other side 

To be fair tho they were passing slow joes and at one point they overtook a bus, the first rode passed and signaled his buddy to come through cos it was a blind corner at this stage and he takes off, his buddy then signals us to come on through on the blind corner (they could see tho at that stage) so that was pretty cool.

When we turned off we gave them a big wave and they waved back. 

This is where the somewhere comes into our trip, somehow we managed to muck things up and the road we turned down was the road we were meant to come up so the wheel fell off it completely and we ended up in the middle of nowhere with some bloody good views.

The road was fantastic

It got narrower but still very nice and on the top of a ridge

Then we got lost .. how .... I dunno  

Steep corners

Drink of water, some nuts and we backtracked realising our mistake and soon got back on track although now well behind where we thought we would be.

Wasn't too long and we were making our way back to the supermoto circuit

The road climbed to 3345 meters or nearly 11000 feet, it went down to 12 degrees and we froze our arses off, a stop and put on warm gear was needed then we carried on all the way down to 600 meters and were sweating hard so had to strip it all back off again.

Ellen took the photo at 3328 meters

We rode into a wall of fog and we wofted in and out till about 2500 meters

Lunch was in order, I was very tired from not much sleep, an early start and from wrestling Maya on the steep little shingle backroads which were steep.

This was was we did in the end

From there we continued down to the coast and headed south to Uvita where we ended up for the night.

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