Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Arenal To Orosi

Leaving Arenal we headed around Lake Arenal, wanting to avoid the Pan Am and have a better look around Costa Rica we took a rounded approach.

Our destination was Orosi so we went through Angeles Norte over to Siquirres across through Turrialba to Orosi, Mrs Garmin sent us down some shortcuts... we had a good look around the countryside.

The road was very busy in places to Siquirres but from there over to Orosi we has great roads with a lot less traffic and a really cool ride.

Lunch was had in Siquirres in cento park just after a huge downpour which we had ridden through, sushi was on ... yummo and a what a treat after a reasonable ride.

The section of road with little traffic and great surface was excellent and we really enjoyed the ride to Orosi. 

In Orosi we had arranged to stay at Costa Rica Moto, Freddys place.

He has a caravan and a unit which is a great setup and they run the Swiss Bakery in town to, perfect, quiet and Maya was under cover, we arrived and just in time to get in before the rain set in.

Our casa

Being Central America it thundered for about 20 minutes then cleared again so we made a trip to the supermarket to get fud.

That night was some writing and early to bed from the 300 km day.

Orosi for the day we headed out for a walk across the swing bridge.

The road goes straight up the ridge, literally, in between when walking along the road a small dog decided he didn’t like us and wanted to have a go at us, he was quite upset, I was at the ready with my walking sticks but luckily he decided he didn’t fancy a mouth full of these and backed off ....grumpy little bugga!! 

Reaching the top we had great view of the valley and we had a chat to some locals before heading back down to town to the bakery for lunch which included coffees and a chocolate buttoned heavy bread kinda thingy which was beautiful, coupled with some butter it was bloody good.

A typical back street in Orosi, no street names or numbers.

Lunch .. mmmmmm

After refueling us we walked up to a waterfall ....well kinda, we got ourselves lost and didn’t find it in the end, again we came across another angry dog, this time it was a big dog and he was playing for keeps.

Again with my walking sticks I kept him at bay while Ellen passed safely and briskly, he was very unhappy and I wasn’t that pleased either to be fair.

We had to return down the same track so this time Ellen grabbed two sharp sticks if needed for war and we made a game plan if things got nasty.

I was first up again and yeap he was pretty angry with heckles up and all.

Again I held him at bay while Ellen went passed behind me, the dog got closer and more threatening so I took a more threatening prod at him with one stick and raised the other stick very threateningly and luckily he backed off a bit, keeping an eye on him I was walking backwards down the hill watching my step and him at the same time.

We got far enough away to feel okay but I must admit I was a little apprehensive to say to the least and happy to be passed the war zone.

Heading back down the track we saw the rocks that had fossilized shells in them

So at the elevation of 1400 meters or 4500 feet this used to be sea base, mum nature at work big time which shows you just how active this area is with volcans etc.

Done with bad dog day we headed back to town and back to our unit dropping by the supermarket again for some fud for tea....and some chocolate for a treat....Cadburys nothing less!!

All in all a great day out, coulda done without the dogs, particularly the big one but all well and ended well. 

Chocolate, now you see it you don't 

They have BIG mice here in Costa Rica capable of opening fridge doors 

Ok, 9.26 pm, I am off to bed to dream of Halle Berry again.

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