Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Having arrived amidst torrential rain we got sorted, hung up our riding gear and turned into humans.

Kim and family greeted us and welcomed us in, Ellen took control of the kitchen and knocked up enough tucker for the whole tribe with thumbs up from the audience.

Chats and giggles, discussions on Facebook etc and that closed off the evening.

The following morning after some chatter and coffee Ellen and I went for a ride to the hot stream, nice place with a few locals kicking around ... and free ... Kiwis price.

Muchas locals

After soaking in the stream for about an hour or so and turning into prunes we headed out to go home, I cleverly dropped my T shirt into the river which was really smart so I had to cram that back into the pannier and only wear my jacket back.

We got back to Maya and once again there was quite a crowd around her looking at the alien, a young fella with a small bike had a flatty, we lent him our pump but the hole in the tube was too big to hold air which was a shame, our patch kit was 35 km away at the house so we couldn’t offer any more help.

The ride around the side of the lake is awesome with very few straights so I really enjoyed it, I had to keep my mind on the job tho with missing road and mud slides from the previous nights deluge.

Trees down

Mudslide across the road

Unfortunately on the way back we lost our second carbon tank protector, this time the glue sticking to the tank but letting go on the back of the CF cover so she is a goneburger.

We also stopped at a place called the Toad Hall and there was a Toucan

Also spotted this on the table

And Pierres cuzzie looking happy

The road in a previous deluge had disappeared ...completely, the rebuild still going on.

Returning home we walked to the shop with Kim and the girls to get supplies for the night, Sushi was discussed and all eyes lit up so Ellens skills came into play again with smoked chicken and avocado as the base ... what a treat.

The family,

Kim, tribal elder and head honcho, hostess supreme

Tayler, elder daughter....main cause of trouble  (j/k)

Aubrie, youngest ...looking to be main cause of trouble  (j/k)

Included in the making was lessons for the girls in both making and cutting, a successful round yet again accompanied by Flore de Cana rum. 

Tayler (the older daughter) did and interview with us which was great fun too, almost felt like being on a show.

Chubby Bunny, something new to the Kiwis, plan is to stuff as many marshmellows in your mouth and still say Chubby Bunny .... seems I am a big mouth ... at least I wasn't gonna let two young ladies kick my bum 

Further discussions on facebook etc and how we were going to do it was all brought to a stop when the light flickered flashed and everything went dead. 

I was already dark outside so only for the light from the computer screen that we could se anything so out with the phone with an LED torch and my head torch again providing all the light we needed.

After going outside and it being pitch black everyone decided it was bed time, I sat up for about another 1/2 hour keeping and eye out the front window just to make sure there was no funny business going on but the coast was clear so I too hit the sack.

An early morning start being it was Monday and Kim had to go to work so kisses, hugs and thank you were had, Ellen had made enough Sushi for everyone to have roll each for lunch and I had precut it to make life easy. 

We then packed up and left the girls to their school work.

Aubrie making sure we leave without nicking anything 

Adios amigas

Huge thanks to Kim, Tayler and Aubrie for having us stay and best for your future travels too.

Next destination, Orosi.

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