Tuesday, 20 August 2013

San Blass And The Kuna People

We were all loaded safe and onboard, it was some time later when Oilver and Heather arrived after the hard day.

Maya was in her bunkroom with her roommates

A pic left out from before, all the girls lined up ready to be lifted into their bunkroom

That night we were staying on an island where the local Kuna people live, it was an interesting experience, for some reason our host family decided to talk to 3.40 am and pretty much there are no walls, several attempts to be pleasant to ask for quite failed then I got loud with a bang on the door.... I got 2 hours sleep 

Our chatty host

Rain brewing behind the boat

Finally Heather and Oliver made it 

The local people milling around

The storm didn't quite make it to us, we only got a few drops

Our room with a sand floor and a local cat

Yes those are outhouses so your #2s drop straight into the oceon, the fish eat it all up

Our accommodation ... cool places 

Some local Kuna out on their boat

Lunch on the Stahratte, fud was second to none!!!

The window of fame aboard the Stahlratte, stuck with the famous people now 

The Stahlratte started off great and only got better, these guys know how to make a great trip of it 

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