Wednesday, 28 August 2013

El Banco To Los Santos

Destination was Barichara which we never made due a to a slight navigational error.

We did however have a beautiful ride before ending up nowhere close to where we supposed to be. 

A small town on the top of a cliff face, Mrs.Garmin shows a road down to Jordan, so the Los Santos to Jordan road I imagine would be doable on a DRZ400 or smaller with no house and contents as there is only a swingbridge at the bottom, the road goes down this part of the face.

Staying there the night we decided our game plan to backtrack a little and head down through Jordan the following day

The town surrounded by trees

In the morning we went for a short walk up through farmlands and back roads as we had no rush.

We left late morning .... that is when the fun started 

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