Sunday, 18 August 2013

Uvita To David

A very small place with a cool hostel, highlight of the night was the plugin mosquito machine that is designed for 110 volts I plugged into a 240 volt socket and promptly melted the unit and filled our room up with burnt plastic smelling smoke .... things are not labelled very well here. 

Maya partially under cover which was cool as we had a big rain storm

Next day started out leisurely with an easy walk to a waterfall with Ellen taking full advantage.

With an easy ride down to the border, mission one, get out of Costa Rica, ticked that box!, mission two find a front tyre for Maya as our MT21 dissolved extremely fast at just on 5000 km ... the first one did 10647km.

On the way to the border we thought we were going to get a wash but we rode on the edge of it.

Only a small short lived shower

Searching for a tyre was no bueno, could find everything else but what we wanted, no prob these things have thick canvas.

Getting into Panama was painless with the usual tenfold too much paper but all the same. 

Final part of the mission was to find Norm who had kindly offered us a bed for the night, Norm lives about 15 km short of David and we found him with ease.

Discussions were had about the state of the front tyre, Norm had to go to town to find out about his alternator so we all piled into his ute and went into David, a moto shop there said they had a 90/90-21 so we headed there.

We did manage to pick up a MT90 which was a little more road orientated than we wanted but it was that or risk not making Panama, the risk was high with the rate it had dissolved so although we paid a slight premium it was worth it and Norm had made the effort to get us there too, one would have to say our starts had aligned that day.

Back to Norms I changed the tyre with three tyre irons and a glass of whiskey .... job done with a new rim tape as well, flash as Michael Jackson.

That night we took Norm our for tea to a local restaurant, more rum was had discussing life then back home for a coupla roadies before hitting the sack.

A few shots of Norms paradise, really cool place 

Some very artistic talent here

Most people have a dog .., check out this little fella

The following morning was goodbyes to Norm and off to Panama, Norm thank you for having us stay.......although we were away earlyish which was disturbing but we had a 430 km ride, something not done by us since leaving Canada, the road was straight down the Pan Am, mostly good condition with a few patchwork places.

Moto cops EVERYWHERE with speed traps etc, fortunately we didn’t attract any attention and made it through unscathed.

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