Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Taganga To El Banco

Leaving Taganga we headed off to El Banco, a small town on a monster river.

The ride was uneventful other than the road being laden with buses and trucks so we spent most of our day overtaking.

Arriving at El Banco it was nearly 40 degs and sticky, luckily we managed to bag a room with AC again so that was a life saver after Taganga. 

Maya created a LOT of interest with a swarm of small motos around her with Colombian faces in awe, it was really cool. 

One guy hopped on her (I said he could) and his face lit up and he didn’t want to get off onto his little moto.  

For weeks I had been trying to get a piece of metal for our POV camera, finally we manage to find a place, they had alloy angle and the guy cut it, drilled it and gave it to us gratis .... I like this town. 

New sunnies were next on the list, right next door was huge selection of glasses so I got some polarized ones, end of an era for the blue ones but I later discovered the 3D effect with the pinlock .

That evening when were returned the hotel owner said an Ozzie had come in to see us after seeing Maya, just then Michael an Irish guy living in Oz appeared again so we all went out for a bite and chat swapping information and scribbling on maps.

We returned to his lodgings across the road from us, he is on 30 year anniversary F800GS ... me likey a lot 

Next morning we headed out for breaky, eggs and ariba with coffee, set us up for what turned into a very long day. 

To start ..... the road  

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