Sunday, 18 August 2013

David To Panama

The first sight of panama

Arriving at out Hostel was easy and we soon established that three out of the five bikes crossing the Darien were there too so that made life easy.

The following morning was “The Canal”, something I had been looking forward to for a long time and I was not disappointed at all.

We arrived right on 9.00 am when they open the gates, a container ship was already sitting in the loch so we watched it go through.

Next in line was a bulk bin rice ship, now I could blast on how cool it is, we took these photos to show the sequence, we trimmed it right back so as not to bore you but it is an incredible feet of engineering being finished in 1913 on its second attempt after the French originally failed with 20000 lost lives to tropical diseases etc.

So I will apologize to those who may not be interested in this amazing engineering marvel ..... but today was ALL about ME !!


First off, this dude landed on the camera and pushed in for a good view.

Boating lining up to enter

Guide engines

Boat lined up and doors opening

Gates closing

Boat sitting in loch ready to fill, gates closed

Water level raising

Full height

Next gates open

Boat moving through

Doors shut after tug boats go through

Note the level of the water


And away it goes, this is my satisfied face

We were here  ... as the boat sales off to the next loch

The next loch is a series of three

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