Sunday, 25 August 2013

Cartagena to Taganga

Monday morning, day of riots, unrest and protests about the southern mines, we were advised against leaving because of roadblocks etc, we left anyway and had no issues whatsoever, the hotsposts were a long way from us and semed to be southern Colombian based. 

First stop was the mud volcano, really cool and seriously buoyant ..... no way you could drown in it cos you can't sink, Oliver and Heather were first in.

Then we piled in beside them

The traffic was getting heavier so time to hop out .... 20 years younger as well  .... and yes that lady in the left hand corner does have big boobs 

Oliver ... .scruffy bastid

Heather ... nice tan 

Me...scruffier bastid

Ellen .. from yello to brown

After bathing in mud and having a spot of lunch we headed to destination, Taganga a small diving based town, neat place, gravel streets, swimming and walking with a bit of rum drinking thrown in.

Oliver and Heather on their Transalp

And yes it was hot

Oliver scuffing the fan

We spent two night here with Oliver and Heather before leaving them as they were sticking around to do some scuba diving.

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