Saturday, 24 August 2013


(in third person stalker voice) Welcome to America Sur Mr & Mrs Delis, we have waiting for you .... a long time 

Finishing with the Stahlratte we set to getting our immigration and customs sorted out and help Oliver with a new tube etc.

After Olivers blowout x 2 we needed a new front tube and he wanted a front and rear so off to the local we go, it was hot and carrying a rear transalp wheel in the heat was an effort.

Here is a picture of dedication

.... or maybe despair

Wheel was fitted back on on the Stahlratte ready for unloading the next day.

Anxious moments for the owner ....

No worries, the boys have never lost a bike yet ... or so they told us  

Maya almost onto terra firma

Bikes on land and owners relieved, thanks to Ludwig and crew, no stuffing about and very well done indeed.

Ludwig uses a helper, to be fair he was not very helpful and stuffed everything up, everyones bike were yellow and black, passport numbers were wrong, VIN numbers were wrong.

On top of that a sloth would win a running race against him, we did get finished and sorted but after some WTF moments and all leaving with ill feelings so not good, I will add that he is very separate from Ludwigs operation.

Next was our insurance, because the helper stuffed us up and made us late we arrived late at the insurance office and Friday afternoon, beginning of a long weekend they were not enthused but we managed to get everything sorted about 5 minutes after closing time.

Bikes and us all legal we went to the Hostel, we had booked in at Marmallena and being straight the owner is not a nice guy, the price for the room was advertised at one price then they tried to charge us another, that got sorted, I would NOT recommend Marmallena Cartegena to anyone, the one in Panama however was great .

This was the only cool thing about the hostel, this fella, he could talk more Spanish than us 

Next day we clocked out and went around the corner, cheaper, air cond, wifi etc and friendly owners.

While in Cartagena we washed the motos thoroughly, Ludwigs crew did a great job covering them then when we rode into town from the boat to find 100 mm deep seawater on the streets for upward of 600 meters at a time.

Taking in the sights over the weekend, the was one of the main attractions in Cartagena

Yes that is a horse in the park having a munch, there were three of them

Some brightly coloured buildings

Monday was D day to leave and head north with Oliver and Heather .... more then

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