Sunday, 4 August 2013

Majagual To Costa Rica Border To Playa Del Coco

Leaving Playa Majagual the road was wet and very slippery, there was a 10 mm (3/8 inch for you imperialists ) on top of hard pack wet clay so it was take it easy time till we hit the tar again or at least dryer roads.

Getting to San Juan Del Sur we headed out to the beach for a quick look and the supermarket to stock up on fud and rum.

Once this part of our mission was complete we headed off toward the Costa Rican border where we were swamped with helpers in an instant so we politely rode through them to the real guys who couldn’t be bothered helping so we know we had the right guys.

Passports, TVIP, smiles and few larfs and they all changed in an instant, one guy tried cleaning the rego plate and got dirty hands so gave up and took our word for it. 

Clocking out was easy for us but the TVIP was the highest and longest level of bollix anywhere in Central America, so when we got to the last point of exit we had to go back and get and 100 more stamps and signatures etc .... it was barmy.

After all the signoffs NOT one actually check our Vin or plate and we headed back to the exit with our now heavily gratified TVIP and they were all happy. 

Entering Costa Rica the line was probably 100 plus people long and we thought ouwh no but they had all booths going and were very efficient so Ellen was through in about 20 minutes while Maya and I sat in the car park.

Then the TVIP again, Ellen had to go back and forth 0.5 km each way each time they wanted something as the buildings are far apart.

Nothing difficult just time consuming.

Our chance to get the graffiti stampartists a run for their money, Phil and Jaynes sticker already there.

Once all the formalities were complete off to destination Play Del Coco to meet up with Can again, with no street names or number is makes things interesting so we did do a little round and round asking and narrowing it in before getting there but he has a house on the beach and it is in a stunning location.

We met Can and his good lady at Ometepe island in Nicaragua after headed spotted Maya and we had a chat about motos and trips.

So we stayed two nights there relaxing taking the place in, again chatting about bikes, gear, travel etc so that was great, CAn also has a kayak and allowed us to take it out onto the sea, most excellent and really enjoyable.

Play Del Coco is an awesome wee spot. one of many beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. 

Can lent us his Kayak for a hoon which was cool.

Sunset from Cans place

Stunning orange colours come out right at the last minute, Ellen in the water swimming 

A thunder and lightning storm was brewing ... I tried to catch the lightning but it was way too fast.

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