Saturday, 24 August 2013

Stahlratte Day 4

Ok. last day on the Stahlratte, a selection of photos from early morning to night, today was a sailing day only.

This is my stunned mullet 5.30 am I need my coffee look 

Sails up we are off!!!

Would you trust this man knowing he has only had one coffee  

The Stahlratte heart beating away .... she runs sweet

Camera starting playing up again 

Twice ... must get that fixed 

Things are looking up 

Our final sunset on the Stahlratte, no disappointment either

Cartagena here we come, f i n a l l y we make it to South America, long time coming after bike trouble, Ellens accident, then my accident, thank you to the gods of motorcycling and travel to get us too here plus or minus in one piece. 

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