Saturday, 3 August 2013

Granada - Again And Playa Majagual

With Ellen leaving her only shorts at the tree house we headed back to Granada.

Back one step, on the way down to the island I noticed a Police check point and it was on my mind when heading back to Granada, strategically I let a local go past in an old bomb of a car and we putted along behind him for about 5 minutes before coming upon the Police check point, giving him about a 100 meter lead and sure enough the Police flag him down and we sail through ..... WOH HOH...I love it when a plan comes together.

We picked up Ellens shorts from the treehouse, thanks Damon it was big help getting those back, we then headed onwards to Granada staying at a hotel/hostel that was owned by an amigo from the place on the island, great place, quiet, secure parking for the moto and right in the market area to get stuff fixed.

My walking poles got nailed back together, my gloves got patches put on them and my new rain jacket got a new zipper as that broke.

We bought some street fud totaling 80 C which is about $3.20 for both of us and it was too much to be honest, we also bought a large watermelon for 30 C which is about $1.20 so it was a kings and queens banquet night again.

We woke to a hell hot sunny day, I picked up my gloves which had been repaired wrong and we started to pack up, I went to put SPOT on Maya and the retainer clip just snapped off in my hand, looks like the sun had made it brittle.

Leaving Granada we headed back down the CA1 Pan Am very weary of Police and associated troubles that go with it again sneaking through unscathed with some tactical allowing of overtaking.

Our next destination was Playa Majagual were Moderndaydrifter (from ADV), Daniel and his good lady Megan run the Castaway hostel.

The road was good but windy which it seems to be as there are lots of wind turbines along the route.

On leaving Rivas we got stuck behind buses and trucks, a local on a 250 Honda overtook us and went around the centre island, seeing him do that we followed suit, we only just pulled back in and the Police came head on, we got filthy looks but they carried on luckily, I also stepped it up to get to our turnoff in case they radioed ahead.

It is the only thing frustrating about Nicaragua is the trucks can dordle along at 30 - 40 km / hr in and 80 posted area and no one is allowed to pass on the solid yellow line which there is a LOT of, but the trucks won’t pull aside to let anyone through either.

The rest of the trip was uneventful and we found our way easily to Daniels place.

These are the coordinates for anyone running a GPS ... too easy.

We got set up in our room, beach front literally, nothing between us and the ocean other than the beach, what a cool location and a perfect adventure rider quiet hideaway and rest spot.

The surf was up with lot of surfers out, just not right here

The weather was set for a great sunset and we were not let down at all, the colours on the beach were amazing and vibrant.

Beach graffiti

The early evening colours were very cool with shades and shadows transforming your view

A small boat tied up

Later on that evening we had a good thunder storm with heavy rain so we managed to refill all our water bottles with rainwater off the roof ... perfecto.

The following day was rest and relaxing, walk along the beach and some net stuff, again I wanted to get a ride report out, Ellen did hers first, I just started and the internet died, seems to be the way for me at the moment. 

When we went to leave from Ometepe the SPOT mount died so that wa on my list to fix so I Kiwied it 

I have remade the new Kiwi hold it using the electrical tester heated on a gas stove to make holes (we have no drill) for the new and improved strap courtesy of the china walking stick fix the previous day.

Auwh man....

Just a simple fix to melt the plastic outa the way for a new ring

Cut two new slots by melting the plastic outa the for the strap

Put the new strap in

Put the spot back in ......sweetas bro!!...c h o i c e eh. 

Now this is under strick international patent so it is a secret and I am only telling you guys 

I managed to snap some shots of local pussy too .... though they didn’t seem impressed. 

(sorry Mike no bunnies)

Later that afternoon we took a quick hike to the peninsula top that overlooks Daniel bay, this my friend is what he made us put up with.

The front of Daniels place

Now Daniel is offering free camping for ADVers for a couple of days, if you want a room as we did you pay for that (cos it is his livelyhood) but you get the room and a brotherly luv ADV rate and believe me all accommodation around the area is reasonably expensive so Daniel is really looking after the RTW/ADV community.

While there an overland vehicle turned up, nice machine it is too.

While relaxing a local was sitting in a tree just watching on, ... I think he needs a shave. 

Ellen made a coffee in the morning, the coffee machine exploded ... literally, no one was hurt but yeah


I keep telling Ellen to use water like eveyone else rather than petrol 

Saying goodbye to Daniel we set off for Costa Rica


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Richard Chang Jonfe said...

Comentarios are working again !!! Wooh hoo !!!

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