Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Panama To San Blass

After the buzz of the canal the next morning was off to the Stahlratte at Carti, San Blass so in reality it was only getting better.

Start with a quick dunny stop ... and some wall glory 

The ride out of Panama was easy enough going around lots of roadworks and a small shower.

We turned of the main drag heading toward Carti when Oliver and Heather disappeared from our mirrors, I turned around and went back and only a minute down the road Oliver was pushing their bike with a blowout on the rear.

Also Olivers front guard has come off its mount and was merrily trying to burn its way to nothing ... it wasn't his day.

We set to and removed the dead tube which was totally stuffed, we had a spare 21 inch tube so we tucked that back in only to have that blow another 5 km up the road so at that point we left them there to alert Ludwig to the issue and organise a ute to pick them up. 

Although I am not doing much here I did muck and help spoon it on. 

The road out to San Blass was interesting and steepish in some places and beautiful rain forest

Arriving at Carti we were greeted by the other riders.

Out of riding gear and time to strip Maya of house and contents to load her onto the Stahlratte.

The dreaded moment arrives when Maya is suspended by string 

Away she goes

Into her bunkroom where she lives for the next 5 days, I will add at this point she was double wrapped by the crew and extremely well covered .... you guys rock!! 

Next installment day one .......

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