Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Playa Del Coco to Arenal.

Saying goodbye to Can we continued on our way partly costal then across inland mainly to have a tickitour of Costa Rica and stay off the Pan Am which is loaded with trucks and buses.

Long Way Round ... without the glamour 

So we turned off heading toward another beach, the road turned to dirt and was neat fun, at one stage we forded a small river and Maya had a quick wash.

The track was mostly hard packed clay so we were lucky it was dry or it would have been very difficult and greasy.

We came across a quad bike tour group and unfortunately one lady had binned hers and was crying and in an awkward position, we stopped and offered help but they already had help on the way.

I am no doctor and don’t profess to be but the position of her body and the way she was being held I think she too had done some ribs in as she was struggling with the breathing thing just like I was, hopefully she will be ok.

Continuing on our way we toured through the country side on a mixture of dirt and tar, through beach bays and small towns.

Also a big bridge which crosses the Rio Tempisque and is quite big so there is a huge bridge in the middle of nowhere ... well at least somewhere 

A quick pose ... it was hot

The countryside was very green and lush, the roads conditions superb

We made it to Arenal where we had organised a couch surf that came highly recommended by Phil an Jane and they were right, really nice people and great fun.

Arriving at Arenal we went to the German Bakery, now this is quite simply and adventure bikers must stop, world class coffee, sandwiches with german sausage etc ... outstanding.

There is a window, it is covered in RTW biker stickers so with peer pressure we had to do the same, gotta put TMK with the big names 

Lunch, what can I say, simply outstanding

The weather started to cave in a little, then a lot, then completely, we thought we would sit it out but this came in for keeps so we rode to our couchsurf and got drenched. 

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