Friday, 1 November 2013

Bogota To El Espinal To Neiva

So with the completion of our shitty legal side of the trip done we hit resume, destination El Espinal mainly because we were running later out of Bogota by the time we Fed Exed everything off to the USA.

As we were heading to Neiva we headed west out of Bogota which was an easier option than south.

The traffic thickened with people sitting in red lights and pushing in and general mayhem, we had a very narrow escape when a dickhead in a blue dodge truck couldn’t keep his bumper to himself and lightly T bones us in the right pannier scorching our case and world sticker and leaving blue paint from front to back ...n o i c e.

Then we got stuck in a truck and bus traffic jam, we had miles to go and we were sitting surrounded by trucks, the little motos were able to squeeze through but it was difficult for us with our panniers, I managed to sneak a break through to the right hand side and we managed for quite some time to actually make ground.

Then the traffic just locked and was not moving (except little motos) so .... 250 mm wheel travel, big wheels, dirt bike style we break out and onto the “footpath” area which was dirt, dumped fridges and various rubbish with a semi walking path through it all, some little motos followed on like the pied piper.

We did ok but the 300 mm steps on industrial driveways etc stopped the the little motos and we continued lights to lights pretty much offroad, in and out, up and over kerbs and off drop-offs 300 - 400mm high in places which made it interesting but we managed to bust out and get going....kind fun too.

Once out of Bogota the pace relaxed and we a very nice road to ride mostly down hill from Bogota which sits at 2500 meters down to nearly sea level so yes it got hotter and hotter really quickly.

Stopping in El Espinal for the night we set up for our desert road assault, the turnoff which is about 20 km south of Natagaima.

In El Espinal we found our mate from New Zealand 

The road starts like any other but has some cool surprises, several km in there are two tunnels with a bridge running between them then it opens out into the Tatacoa Desert with terrain varying from sandpits to cool clay formations, for those who have been to Bryce Canyon this is a smaller version of that with Cactuses and stunning colours.

We took the main road down through the desert and decided to come back sans cases and have a better look around ....and it was 43 degs C

Getting into Neiva it was confirmed we are Kool  ...or at least our twins are

Also we were meeting up with Diego in Neiva with the plan of heading out, this worked out perfectly.

To back track slightly, we met Diego at Villavencia when we stopped at the same place for roast beef lunch, Diego was interested in us and our trip and we were interested talking with a local biker so when we said we were heading south to San Augustin he invited us to join him in Neiva, the world is a great place.


We left from Neiva later afternoon (at 40 degs C) and got to the observatory with perfect timing 1/2 hour before sunset with the oranges and red coming out quicker that rats leaving a sinking ship so camera time was little.

Wow, this place can turn it on, the colour changes were incredible so we were mindful of trying to catch it to share but also to just be there and enjoy it with Diego and his friend.

Diego liked Maya too

The colours changing with low sun and shadows

Maya ready and waiting

Diegos bike with the clay colours


After feeling very appreciative of the location and setting we headed back with a bottle of Rum calling our names, one must rehydrate after being in the desert ya know.

Diego with his mum and sis, very nice family indeed (dad was at study)

Vid of the desert


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