Saturday, 9 November 2013

Caliantics Round 2

The lake day

Started with a sleep in a big breaky to set us up for the day till lunchtime, a quick hoon around town to the local KTM shop, pick up girlie no 2 (Jorge rocks, new girl each day....onya mate)

Raul and his girlfriend joined us for lunch then the assault on the lake was on, Buenadventura being a no goer due to washouts, great thing is it gets fixed quickly but no good to us.

We got wet....again.....and cold this time, Jorge has his impermiable jeans on, he got very wet so I lent him my wet pants (which were dry) as my klim gear was doing fine.

Darien was the coffee stop warm up center, we got warm but the coffee was crap unanamously agreed by all.

As time was getting on (Note 7.00pm)((never ride in the dark))(((exceptt with local hooligans))) a descision was made to grabsome food in a small town, because we had the LEDs we went up front to guide the crew, reaching our almost destination it was established the bridge had been washed out so that was a no goer, plan b stop there and eat

Given we were 90km away from home we had quite the hoon home in the dark sifting our way through 10km of parked trucks, cars and buses partly due to a truck fail then down the main drag to Cali arriving home at 10 pm

On the way back we went to check out some local pussy 

So we broke all the rules and had a blast

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