Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Caliantics Round 3

So taking in cali locale was taking on a new meaning, Jorge said we needed to see the view from the top so we headed off up the black top to meet up with Raul and his chickie.

Goats, yeah hairy friendly goats to pat where we stopped one particular kid had springs in his legs which was rather amusing, turns out Raul was on Colombian time so caught us up after

Turning off onto shingle which got worse and worse (note better and better)the road turned to track and lumpy, into the fog line so wet so well

Reaching the summit it was .....well....white from fog so no epic view of Cali from Gods front lawn, never mind cant win em all.

On our decent the slippery clay and rocks proved too much for Megan (Jorges 200 Pulsar) and she had a quick nap, both rider and passenger were ok other than sporting some mud on clothes, shortly after Rual appeared, by this time it is pitch black......again, see a pattern forming?

The darkness stealing the light, 2 x LEDs and the stock headlight going!!

After regrouping it was destination monster Jesus (Christer Rey) who looks over Cali, awesome view .... with no fog

Some works by artist making clay works on an embankment

Pizza, just down the hill for tea, beautiful, next stop San Antonio lookout then home in prep for an early start for a ride to Rio Claro

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