Saturday, 9 November 2013

Caliantics Round 1

Jorge and Raul came and picked us up from the casa and we followed them back to Jorges parents house where we were given the celebrity welcome, Jorge had talked us up so we had to behave and be nice. 

After an epic lunch the boys took us out for a hot chocolate with cheese....yes cheese, we did of course take the long way round and mum nature decided to step up the game a little.

The race was on

The road turned to track turned to mud turned in lafter and good times, bearing in mind they both ride small roadies which was entertaining for us to follow but full cred neither went down despite several near misses 

The track was sloppy in places for the small motos

Boys havin fun

Stopping at a small restaurant was choco time, it was getting on to 6pm so nearly dark, being cold they have ponchos for the customers to wear, groovy outfits man we were locals

We ordered hot chocos with cheese and plantano to share ...yeah

Proof of Chocolate and cheese "chocolate con queso"

The plantano 

After chowing down we hit the road for home, we waited for the rain to stop but to no avail we just carried on.

Great day out an including a hooligan night ride through town zipping in and outa traffic with the little bikes, easy as with no luggage

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