Friday, 8 November 2013

San Agustin To Cali

Having had my rock and tomb input more than satisfied we set off on the back road up and over the national park, some said their was no road and some said too dangerous so it immediately took our interest 

This is the road for those interested

Not only was it a heap shorter but it was so beautiful and was the closest thing to riding the Milford road in New Zealand 

The local Police were leaving to do their thing too so they all took off past us like a shower of shit two up on 250s and hangin it out around the corners ... the boyz were havin fun

Their race finished as they lined up to do their daily stuff

Much like a lot of roads here it started on tarnac then to shingle but the surface was reasonable although rough in places, nearing mid point at the top at just uunder 3300 meters there was a 10 km stretch of new concrete which was a treat, midway along this part was the military checking every vehicle (not that there were many), they stopped us just for a chat with much interest in Maya but only curious as to the orange alien

It started getting cold and ominous black clouds were looming and it wasn't too long before they caved in, the road surface was clay as well so we dropped our pace before we dropped the bike.

Managing to keep the team upright the rain chased others and left us a damp road this being a bonus for no dust until we dropped down to about 2500 meters then back to normal

Over the changing heights the moonscape around us changed offering all sorts, again we stopped just to take it in (and have a leak) 

Making it through to Popayan without getting killed was good (or I could not do this writeup) and it was hot as, a quick bite and onward to Cali and a tarseal cowboy blast up the pan-am .....something we try and avoid like the plague ormally but the road condition was great so it made for a relaxing hoon up the main drag

Into Cali to Casa Blanca with Mrs.Garmin taking us to the door sucessfully, so nice to have prearranged accomodation rather than having to hunt it down

Mike had very kindly taken delivery of a pair of replacement boots and our new fuel pump at his Motolombia office which was bloody good, thanks mate really appreciated that.

Next mission was to swap over the fuel pump, should 3/4 hours work b u t the replacement was totally different meaning new brackets and hoses etc and some fabrication work needed

Again Mike to the rescue and he pointed us down the street to a laced called Astrurias and the owner Jorge who let me build some brackets, also did a couple of trips to the hardware store to get clamps etc

Sorry for the shit photos but you get the picture

The result

Mission complete we were ready to ride, because I blew 3/4 day in Jorges man cave and talked with some of his mates and customers we stayed another night at the casa.

We meet Alain as well who is a wealth of knowledge and has many contacts in the motocircles throughout south america

We first got our atention caught looking at his bike seeing Gus and Geoffs sticker as well as Dan and Saras so immediately we had a comnnection.....their stickers now joined by TMK 

Alain, Ellen and Jorge and the sticker window

Prior to this we had been contacted by another Jorge, a couchsurfer in the moto community in Cali so he and his friend came and visited us at the casa which was cool, he invited us to have lunch with his family the next day and to stay the night

Plan A was one night in Cali, Plan B redo fuel pump so one more night, Plan C stick around a little longer ...... why not .... no plans, no prob 

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Tradey said...

Hi Andy and Helen, yep Cali is the type of place you go intending for quick stopover and stayin longer,dont know who's bike that is with our sticker but we met plenty of fellow moto adventurers and gave away plenty.Cops seem interested in Aussie and Kiwi bikers and no issues with them anywhere in Columbia. Whenever someone told us not to go somewhere because it was too dangerous ,we went anyway and found it the total opposite. Have fun ,we are missing the great times we had over there. Gus