Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Finca To San Agustin

San Augustin

Leaving the Finca was slippery after some heavy rain during the night and the puddles had grown big...none the least we made it out to the main road with only a few wobbles in the stodgy stuff 

Encountering the usual roadworks stops and a heap of trucks was the norm when on main tar roads and today was no exception but it was a smooth run through beautiful farms lands.

Arriving with a bloody barb from a barb wire fence stuck into the tyre we carefully examined it before puling it out, I must be the luckiest guy alive as it has chosen a deep knobbly and had gone in sideways .... WOH HOH escaped!!

We clocked in and took in town as we had arrived with plenty of time, no landslides or epic accidents today ...boring .

We had planned to look at the archeological sites which San Agustin is known for, we opted to do a “jeep” tour which meant we didn’t have to faf around with our gear, it also came with a bonus parque pass for Ellen which made it more attractive and we got to see some extra shit on the tour.... our rig a clapped out Isuzu Trooper POS that rattled and clunked badly ... but it worked.

The hotel owner said part of the road was EXTREMELY dangerous and no good on the motos ..... pift turns out to be a great sales tactic, so we showed him what we had been riding ..... it was funny, nonetheless we wanted a hassle free day where I could sit back and enjoy too 

This fella is 7 metres high

All in all a great day was had, I think we have seen every tomb in the district, I was waiting for Lara Croft to pop out but she never did (I had the camera on boobie mode too), I think she was at lunch or something.

There is the highest waterfall in Colombia there, it is also the second highest in South America at 400 meters high, Angel falls in Venezuela in numero uno although not much rain meant our view of the falls was minimal.

Another claim to fame in the Magdalena River which narrows to just 2 meters wide at one point, it is however 10 meters deep, the bigger thing it is Colombia’s largest largest river and travel south to north 1528 km so nearly 1000 miles into the Caribean sea.

So for those who know what sort of rains Colombia gets you can understand to size of the monster.

We also met Dave, an Ozzie on a Wee Strom travelling north so chats about bike, travel etc again WOH HOH, his bike with Maya

Destination Cali next to the famous Hotel Casa Blanca run by Mike.

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