Sunday, 3 November 2013

Neiva To The Finca

A very family orientated post and true Colombia at its best, not much moto or travel stuff today, this really was a relaxing on the ground day with Diegos family for which are very grateful for being invited to join in.

Being Sunday morning Diego and his family go to grandmas casa about half an hour away to enjoy a family day out .... and we can see why, very welcoming family, the Finca (Farm) has a huge swimming pool, volley ball court, soccer field, 3 dogs, a super cool cat that looks like a tiger and a horse.

With lunch planned on the way we took Diego, his mum and sister out for a family lunch (Dad is studying) at a thermal pool place then off to the Finca to enjoy the afternoon or snacks, natural juices and coffees while stuffing around in the pool and riding the horse ... it was harsh. 

Diego and sis with us

No need to write about this 

At the Finca Maya created a little interest so we stuck her up on the centre stand so family and friends could have a sit and see what we have to put up with 

Biker chica mum aboard the mighty Mayan...... go girl!!!!

Even Grandma sat on the steel pony ...awesome 

The horse correspondingly created interest, hot horse chica 

He seemed happy enough so not sure why the long face 

I had a hoon on the neddy too taking him for a hoon around the property

Diego and I, I had a word to the horse and told him to be nice 

A lite tea was had, the rice that is cooked in the pig, just beautiful, sorry bout my woolly belly in the pic, next time I will try and find a supemodel or hot Colombian chica to do it 

A finish to the night in the pool, have camera will take pics

We stayed the night there, waving goodbye to Diego and his family after a very nice day out they headed for home back in Neiva.

Next destination, San Agustin.

Thanks Diego, a real pleasure meeting you and your family and thank you for showing us your “locale”, when you guys come to New Zealand we can show you our back yard. 

PS that 950 suits you sir ..!!

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Anonymous said...

Great writeup! We frosty Montanans are appreciating this a lot, today is the first day of crunchy snow on the ground...

Be sure to let me know if you want parts or such from USA. I can mail them ahead of you to depot points.

Your trip seems to be going smoothly, which we are all happy to see. You two have really endured some adversity, where many people would have quit and went home ... not Ellen and Andi!

Travel safely,